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Permanent Eyebrows

Undefined, sparse or over plucked brows can be transformed with permanent “Eyebrow Tattoos” creating a more youthful look, ideal for those who want perfectly groomed eyebrows 24/7

Permanent Eyeliners
Permanent Lips
Skin Treatment 

Permanent eyeliner and eyelash enhancement bring out the natural beauty of the eyes with a wide awake look all day every day, smudge proof, cry proof, lazing in the holiday sun proof.

After a lip treatment you never have to worry about smearing lipstick on your teeth, color bleeding past the edges of your mouth during dinner or reapplying that lip tint just to maintain some color. Instead you can be confident that your pout will always be on point and that your color will never wear off.

 Flawless skin always begin with taking care of your skin. Getting facials are the best way of giving your skin what it needs the most in a short amount of time. Check out all of the unique facials we offer, and treat your skin the way it deserve.

Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent lips
Skin Treatment

At Timeless Beauty, we offer many different training classes that will up your permanent makeup game, and allow you to learn the latest and finest technique to wow all of your clients.

There are many causes for hair to lose volume, from genetics, hormonal imbalances, the effects of age, tight hairstyles, or even just the stresses of modern life. We are here to help on recreate your hairline with our special techniques to give you lush, healthy looking hairline.


Anything  eyelashes related we do it all, no matter if it’s eyelash lift, tinting or extensions. They say your eyes are the window to your soul.  Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with our amazing lashes extensions, look amazing all day and all night.

Scalp pigmentation

Get rid of unwanted hair anywhere, we are here to help. Not only does waxing leave your skin hair-free for up to two weeks, regular waxing may diminish the density of hair over time.


"Before I had the procedure done, I don't have any eyebrows. I was completely reliant on an eyebrows pencil to give me confidence, I would take one everywhere with me and I don't dare to do any activities that could wiped or messed them up. But permanent makeup has changed my life now. I feel confidence and freedom to do whatever I want."

Casey Batchelor

"I was overwhelmed at how beautiful my eyebrows are! I really had no ideas such a natural and beautiful look could be achieved, so I want to take the time to write this to tell others what a great service they provided"


"My sister told me about this place, they do amazing work on my eyeliner, eyelashes extensions and eyebrows. I never knew how eyebrows and eyeliner can changed the shape of your face and finishes off your look."

Ellen Rivas

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