Do you want to save time adding eye makeup with no smudging, waterproof, add definition to your eyes, or improve the shape and balance of the eyes. Then say, goodbye to your daily eyeliner routine and hello to Permanent Makeup and wake up in the morning looking your best with stunning alluring eyes!




Lash-line Enhancement

A subtle soft natural enhancement between the lash roots to make your lashes look more defined without an eyeliner look. Lash-line enhancement also bring out the natural beauty of the eyes with a wide awake look all day every day, smudge proof, and cry proof.

$ 299

Basic Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is perfect for the client with sparse eyelashes. A soft natural liner in the lashes can create a fuller lash appearance or a thicker line can create a more dramatic look. Choose from either top or bottom eyeliner. 

$ 349 

Eyeliner perfection
For a more defined enhancement softly shaded look in a medium to thick effect. These effects sculpt your eyes leaving an enviable almond eye. Discuss the overall effect and colour you require and we will customize the finish and colour to suit you.

$ 429

Designer Eyeliner

From dramatic to subtle, permanent eye definition will put the drama back into the eyes, from sexy subtle or bold definition, the perfect pigment will be blended to suit your natural skin tone and eye colour. If you wish to make a statement this defined look will definitely get you noticed. Be creative and go for a designer eyeliner that really encapsulates your eye shape.

$ 499

Male Eyeliner

It is becoming more and more popular for guys to want their eyes more noticeable. You may be surprised to know that many actors and celebrities have this treatment. This enhancement is very subtle, gives definition without being too noticeable.

$ 199



Permanent Eye Makeup is suitable for women and men with:

1. Sparse Lashes


2. Contact Lenses Wearers


3. Unsymmetrical Features


4. Busy lifestyle


5. Poor Vision People


6. Hypersensitivity to Conventional Makeup


7. Watery eyes or sensitivity to eye cosmetics

8. Ageing

9. Shaken hand  


-Do not work out the day of the procedure.

-Do not tan or have sunburned face.

-Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before procedure.

-No alcohol or caffeine on the day of the procedure.

-No eyelashes extensions. You must have your eyelash extensions removed one week prior before your permanent eyeliner appointment.

-Do not used eye makeup on the day of the procedure, please arrive eye makeup free. 

-If you have had any type of eye surgery, including cataract, Lasik, and blepharoplasty. You must consult your physician and get clearance. Most physicians require 2-9 months before you can have your eyeliner tattoo. This is because there is slight pressure on the eye during the procedures.

-Do not used lash growth serum 3 weeks before treatment and 1 month after it done. 

-Please note that you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle. 

-No eye contacts 3 days before and after 

-Make sure your eye cornea is healthy 

-Make sure you are not allergic to any pigments or  (We are using premier pigments and numpot cream), because when during the procedures, pigments will get into your eyes and this is completely normal. After procedures done, we will used eye wash to clean off all the pigment in your eyes. 


During Visits of Permanent Eyeliner

An eye treatment is a three–part process usually completed within two appointments. The full price you are quoted will include all three stages.





The first part of the process is a consultation. This is normally done as part of your initial treatment, but can be done separately if you prefer. We will talk with you in great detail about the look you are trying to achieve and what we might recommend to you. This is very much a two-way conversation. We listen, we respond, we advise.  Once we have an idea of the look you are aiming for, we draw the eyeliner on with a makeup pencil. This can be drawn on and adjusted 100 times if necessary! We will never begin the tattoo process until you are completely happy with what it is going to look like.





Using a specialist facial tattooing machine, which works at a much lower frequency than a standard tattoo machine, we gently apply pigment to the eye area using very fine needles.  The sensation is that of an electric toothbrush being held against your skin – you feel the vibrations but you should not feel any discomfort. We will always work with you at this stage, giving you breaks if you need them. The process normally takes about one hour, but it varies from person to person depending on your individual requirements. After the treatment your eyes might be a bit puffy and sensitive. We advise you do not drive a vehicle immediately after an eye treatment.





A second appointment is needed 4-6 weeks after your first treatment. This is usually a 30-60 minute appointment to add more pigment to the eye area. For eyeliner most peoples only need 1 treatment, but we still want you to come back so we can decide whether do you need it. 


Please note that all pricings are based on consultation.

Save time and look great all day, everyday !!!

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